Over 25 million active Outlook.com users and they said they are ready for Gmail user to switch – with this low quality app.

I really disappointed with this surprising move since they did a really great job in SkyDrive app in Android. Seriously, it’s not rocket science to craft a beautiful and usable email app with Microsoft identity. They invested heavily in UI/UX for their new product lines, but yet they failed to understand the importance of Aesthetic-Usability Effect.

What I really hope to see when I run the outlook.com app:

But what I see today with the current app (usually I don’t post these):

What do you think? Just feed me with any idea or suggestion you have!

15 thoughts on “Outlook.com App Redesigned

    1. Hey David,

      Thanks! As for the spinner, I still think slide-in menu is the best. I should change the app title to label/folder name, that will be more usable. As for knowing the account, I don’t think it’s that important, and it just a bezel swipe to know which is the active account, so spinner in this case won’t be as useful I think. 🙂

      Taylor Ling

  1. As usual I can see awesomeness inside your article. Great job Taylor.

    But I m literally unhappy and shocked when I had downloaded and looked into the first screen. Unistalled !!

    I am expecting from Microsoft that they will think over your design and put it in action.

  2. I would change a few things, like the app icon when the slide-in menu is used as so the users know that you can slide it out and probably make the differentiation between unread/read much more clearer (Gmail does this with background colours and I really find it useful)

    1. Hi Joe,

      Thanks for the suggestions! Indeed, I should have place my indicator there for the slide in menu, so there’s definitely something to improve. As for the unread indicator, I am designing this from Microsoft language point of view, so highlight effect in Gmail app is not in. 🙂


  3. Hi Taylor,
    i just stumbled upon your blog. I have to admit you are really talented.
    Could you please make some suggestion about K9? I think it’s the best mail client for android (plentiful of features), and it’s open source. But it’s interface looks ugly!
    Thank you

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