Over 25 million active Outlook.com users and they said they are ready for Gmail user to switch – with this low quality app.

I really disappointed with this surprising move since they did a really great job in SkyDrive app in Android. Seriously, it’s not rocket science to craft a beautiful and usable email app with Microsoft identity. They invested heavily in UI/UX for their new product lines, but yet they failed to understand the importance of Aesthetic-Usability Effect.

What I really hope to see when I run the outlook.com app:

But what I see today with the current app (usually I don’t post these):

What do you think? Just feed me with any idea or suggestion you have!


15 thoughts on “Outlook.com App Redesigned

  1. Nice redesign! I’d go for the Gmail ActionBar spinner rather than the slide-in menu, as it has the additional benefit of showing you the current account and label or folder.

    1. Hey David,

      Thanks! As for the spinner, I still think slide-in menu is the best. I should change the app title to label/folder name, that will be more usable. As for knowing the account, I don’t think it’s that important, and it just a bezel swipe to know which is the active account, so spinner in this case won’t be as useful I think. 🙂

      Taylor Ling

  2. As usual I can see awesomeness inside your article. Great job Taylor.

    But I m literally unhappy and shocked when I had downloaded and looked into the first screen. Unistalled !!

    I am expecting from Microsoft that they will think over your design and put it in action.

  3. I would change a few things, like the app icon when the slide-in menu is used as so the users know that you can slide it out and probably make the differentiation between unread/read much more clearer (Gmail does this with background colours and I really find it useful)

    1. Hi Joe,

      Thanks for the suggestions! Indeed, I should have place my indicator there for the slide in menu, so there’s definitely something to improve. As for the unread indicator, I am designing this from Microsoft language point of view, so highlight effect in Gmail app is not in. 🙂


  4. I don’t why Microsoft make impact on their bullshit UI :/ pretty disappointing. Anyway awesome work.

  5. Hi Taylor,
    i just stumbled upon your blog. I have to admit you are really talented.
    Could you please make some suggestion about K9? I think it’s the best mail client for android (plentiful of features), and it’s open source. But it’s interface looks ugly!
    Thank you

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