Android Design Challenge

Taking cue from Android Design in Action Challenge happened last year, I just feel like making another similar Design Challenge for everyone, hence this Android UI/UX (Re)Design Challenge. The aim is to create more awareness towards the importance of Android Design, and a (hopefully) rewarding experience for those who try their hand at Android Design.

Really simple rules

  1. Anyone can participate!
  2. Design a brand new app or redesign an existing app (any app) before 16th June 2013 (I like to see high quality works thus the longer design period)
  3. The (re)design should use Android Design Guideline as a reference. The use of new UI elements like Navigation Drawer and Fading Action Bar are encouraged only if they fit into the app design.
  4. At least five screens are required (in order to tell an app flow/structure). It will be awesome if explanation/justification is provided for each screen. One good example on how you can document your (re)design is the m-Indicator redesign by Swapnil360.
  5. Optional: Feel free to post your design to any G+ Android Design Community (including Android Designers) to get feedback and further improve your app (re)design before your final entry. It’s always encouraging to see such design iterations which involved communities.
  6. Post your design entry in G+ publicly, and remember to use these hashtags:

#androiduiux #androiddesign #ADiA

Design Tools

  1. Feel free to use any design tools that you are comfortable with, as long as the final result are high-fidelity mock up screens.
  2. If you are looking for some design resources to start, check out the Free Design Resources page.

Winner announcement

  1. Five best entries will be announced via my G+ account and within a week after the deadline (before 23rd of June).
  2. All entries will be judged by professional android designers in order to pick the winners.
  3. I will make some posts in my blog for all best entries (and probably some interesting entries) after the design challenge.


  1. Five 10$ Play Store Gift Cards for five best entries only (from my own pocket!)
  2. I reserved the right in prize management based on the quality of the entries.

That’s all! If you are interested, start (re)designing and submit your design entry before 16th June 2013! Waiting for your awesome entry!


19 thoughts on “Android UI/UX (Re)Design Challenge

    1. Hey Thaum,

      I am glad you asked 🙂

      At this moment I doesn’t have a fixed list yet but rest assured when I announce the winners, the details of the judges will be revealed. These judges will be those who are well known in Android Design community.

      Taylor Ling

  1. Can I still submit a redesign of an existing app, if majority of the app has been updated to the new look (and is already in the play store) for a couple months? 😛

    1. Hey,

      If there are new redesign elements compared to the one that is already in play store, why not? But if you are just going to submit the screenshots of an existing app, I would have to say no 😛

      It wouldn’t be fair for other participant I think, so fresh redesign is more eligible for the design challenge.

      Taylor Ling

  2. Not many entries so far, can’t say it’s bad ;), but I would like to see some inspiring (re)designs.

  3. Hello. I’m almost ready with my design, but I’m not sure about the correct deadline and the timezone for the contest. Is it 16th also included for submissions – before June 16th 23:59, or I have to submit my app design before June 15th 23:59. Sorry for bother you, but I’m really not sure about this. Thanks.

    1. Hey,

      Don’t worry about the deadline. Just submit it before 17th of June comes, regardless of timezone. It’s not really a hard rule 🙂

      Looking forward to your entry!

      Taylor Ling

  4. I’ve seeen awsome entries so far….let the best win…Congratz for the idea Taylor Ling…
    PS:Already submited my entry….

  5. Hi Taylor, thanks for proposing this challenge, can’t wait to see the results.

    Until you made your decision tho, since we don’t know how long it will be until the winners are announced, could I recommend just posting a quick message to let us know which ones are under consideration, something that says “I saw this, it follows the rules and is a valid entry to the challenge”?

    Thanks, and cheers!

    1. Hey André Goersch,

      Thanks for the entry and also your suggestion! Sure, I’ve already planned to make an announcement today or tomorrow about all qualified entries, and when everyone can expect the result. Rest assured that your Guild Wars 2 entry is definitely in 🙂

      Taylor Ling

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