Nexus 4 Tilted Left

Since there are some new UI elements in Android after Google I/O, I have decided to spend some time to update (and optimize) the Android UI Design Kit. There are some new UI elements added into it (and I removed some most-likely-unused UI elements). Besides that, I have also added some Quick Start PSD file that contains some main UI elements like Action Bar, Tabs, and Navigation Drawer, so the user able to choose not to start the design with the PSD file with all Building Blocks. And yeah, it finally come with Landscape orientation as well!

What’s inside for 4.2.1

  • UI Elements
    • Added new Navigation Drawer
    • Added Fading Action Bar
    • Added Numpad-style Time Picker
    • Removed Grid Lists
    • Removed Disabled/Focused/Disabled Focused Radio Button and Checkbox
    • Removed Quick Control
    • Removed some unnecessary Tabs elements
    • Removed Gestures
  • PSD Files
    • Gestures
    • Quick Start – Portrait
    • Quick Start – Landscape (Yes, finally!)
    • Portrait with all building blocks
  • Misc
    • Loading speed should be improved slightly after removed some unused UI elements
    • New Login Page with Romain Guy’s awesome photo
    • New Android UI Design Kit Logo
    • Changed time 😉


Android UI Design Kit 4.3 for Photoshop and GIMP is here!


13 thoughts on “Android UI Design Kit for Photoshop 4.2.1 [Free Download]

  1. Thanks for your continued contributions to the community Taylor! This is fabulous. It saves a ton of time, especially for “part-time” designers.

    One question I have is whether particular version uses CMYK format for the PSD file? I’m unable to open the file “Nexus 4 Portrait with Building Blocks” in GIMP 2.8 on Linux, however I can open the other files (2 QuickStart and one Gestures PSDs). Moreover, I’m also able to open the Building Blocks.psd file from version 4.2 of the Design Kit.

    1. Hey,

      You’re welcome! Great to know my works help 🙂

      Strange, all of the PSDs are using RGB8, I never use CMYK for my design kit. Is that the problem that GIMP throw to you?

      Taylor Ling

      1. Nope – the error was “Procedure ‘file-psd-load’ returned no return values” .. Googling for this error hinted that the problem might have something to do with CMYK format.

      2. Hey Kiran Rao,

        I have spent some time troubleshooting the Design Kit and I found the culprit. It seems to be some grouping/group name for Picker causing the error in GIMP. After I remove the group, I manage to open it in GIMP. Try this and let me know if it works for you.

        Taylor Ling

    1. Hi Elie,

      I can send it to you personally via email, which version you preferred to have, the Adobe Photoshop version or the GIMP version?

      Let me know 🙂

      Taylor Ling

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