Planning poker (not sure if it’s still commonly used now?) shouldn’t be a stranger for you if you work in agile software development environment. During the estimation practice today, I suddenly have the idea to make a really simple concept app that simulating the planning poker cards for use during the estimation.

The concept app is really simple – I used the card UI for the poker cards, so in order to change the card, you just need to swipe left or right. The card will just show the number in sequence and nothing else. It comes with light and dark themes.

I have a feeling that this app is really simple to develop, any taker?

After 48 hours, the concept app become a reality thanks to Mark Mooibroek! You can download it now in the Play Store.


13 thoughts on “Holo Planning Poker

  1. Hi Taylor,

    It’s me or it’s more an horizontal view pager UI than a card UI? A card-based UI wouldn’t imply that the cards are deleted upon swipping?


    1. Hi Laurent,

      Yeah, I think it is probably a view pager, but with the card UI style. Simply swiping the card/page will change the number.

      Anyway, it seems there is already someone did the app after I posted this, I will try to work together with him to push this to the Play Store asap.


  2. Hey there!

    Probably i`ll push your HoloPokerPlanning on Github today. Also, if you can help me – my design skills sucks a lot =p – I need a web/xhdpi app icon, and some holofied image to coffee card (transparent png, maybe 400×400, for xhdpi, app blue and white versions for theme changing). We can eval this beta together before release it on Play!


  3. Hello,

    I really would like to know if someone already tried to create a vertical swipe to dismiss a card.

    I tried some code the whole and that’s a complete failure.

    I think vertical swipe to remove a card would be awesome for future app design.

    1. Hey Christophe,

      While I couldn’t help in the technicality of the mentioned feature, but indeed, it sounds to be an interesting interaction, but it would really depends on the context. Such swiping does make sense if the screen is in landscape mode (for example, swipe to remove app from recent apps list), but in portrait mode, I think horizontal swipe is still a better choice because it would require smaller swiping distance (A little bit of Fitt’s Law here I think).

      But as I mentioned, it really depends on the context. It can be interesting πŸ˜‰


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