Early this month, BitTorrent Inc. decided to release the native µTorrent app to the Play Store, and I must say I am pretty shocked by the app design. It’s horrible. Immediately after that, Holo There looked into it and did a quick redesign of the app and it looks quite nice.

I was thinking to do a redesign of it after their official release, and now I finally did the redesign after playing around with it for some time to understand most, if not all, of the features in the app. Below shots are my redesigned µTorrent app (5 shots):

My redesigned µTorrent app has a pure Android Design and Holo themed with the heavy use of its’ brand color. It make full use of the notification center of Jelly Bean which allows quick actions and individual torrent control (Resume, Pause, Stop) is possible in the main screen.

What do you think of my redesigned µTorrent? Feel free to let me know 🙂


12 thoughts on “uTorrent Redesigned

  1. I think the navigation to “Discovery” via the menu is a bit weird. Imho there should be a spinner in the action bar, a la Google Maps. Otherwise it looks great.

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