It has been a few weeks since Material Design announced during Google I/O this year, and it’s great to see many developers and designers are excited about it – that’s including me, of course.

I have seen people started to release design resources for Material Design (slowly, but yeah), and it’s awesome! I have started to look into Material Design, and I thought it will be nice to have the new icons sit in my Photoshop Custom Shape drawer (for my usual design flow), but so far, none seems to convert the icons from SVG format to CSH format, so I’ve spent about half a day to do the conversion one by one (and removed the redundant ones), and here is it! Thanks to Shreyas Achar for his archive of extracted Material Design SVG icons!


431 Material Design Icons in Photoshop Custom Shape

Go awesome with these!


10 thoughts on “431 Material Design Icons in Photoshop Custom Shape format (.CSH) [Free Download]

  1. You’re crazy for doing this, but I am grateful.
    After I learned there was no real easy way to convert svgs into csh files, I gave up hope. Instead, I just brought all of the icons in as one large shape and saved that, so whenever I need an icon, I just dump that whole thing on the page and find what I want. Your way will make my life much easier. Thanks.

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