In Android Design, Action Bar is one of the important UI elements for great app. Besides providing navigation feature to the user, Action buttons in the Action Bar is crucial in user interaction as well, which provides great user experience if it’s done right.

Previously I have published the Action Bar Icon Design Photoshop Template which can be used as a design template for Action Bar icons and export it for all screen densities. Creating an icon, sometimes, is a pretty enjoyable experience – thus, I have used the design template to create 20 Action Bar Icons over the weekend (preview below) which have both Holo Dark and Holo Light version, as well as for all screen densities. The icons for xhdpi screen density are ready to be used in the Android ICS/JB Photoshop GUI Design Kit 3.0.

That’s not all. In this Icon Pack, I have also included 142 stock Action Bar and Tab Icons which are fully generated at the Android Asset Studio for quick mock up/development usage. Sure, I am aware that they are already included in the official Action Bar Icon Pack, but I prefer a slightly different folder structure in organizing the icons (as well as ldpi version), therefore I have them included in this icon pack. If you already have the official one, you can ignore that folder in this icon pack. 😉


I got it uploaded to Mediafire and it is free for commercial use under CC BY 3.0: Android UI/UX Action Bar Icon Pack #1.

More Action Bar Icons are in the draft stage and will be included in the subsequent icon pack. If you are looking for more professional Android icons, check out the awesome Android Developer Icons 2 at

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, 444 Castro Street, Suite 900, Mountain View, California, 94041, USA.


23 thoughts on “Action Bar Icon Pack #1 [Free Download]

      1. Thank you! I wrote you in chat on g+ two days ago but you didn’t receive the messages! can you check?

      2. Hey,

        I usually don’t accept any Gchat unless it is necessary. Is it possible for you to write an email instead? Send it over to taylorling86 [at] gmail [dot] com.



  1. These are great icons! Thank you. Would you consider providing an Illustrator or Photoshop file of these? I’d gladly pay for them…I’ve already bought the android developer icon set and could really use these too.

    1. Hey Kyle,

      Thank you! AS for the Photoshop file, I am not sure if I am ready to release them because they are not in vector form (and slightly messy), not sure how useful it will be for you. What’s lacking from the icon pack? Colors?


  2. Taylor,

    Thanks for the response. And yeah, I think at this point, it’s mainly an issue about colors and then resizing to a degree. Rather than just the action bar, there are some icons I could use in menus, notifications, etc – all of which require a slightly different size than what the action bar calls for. So, having direct manipulation to the vector/illustrator file would be beneficial. But, I totally understand the hesitation in releasing it when it’s not in a form suitable for public consumption. In the meantime, I can definitely make use of the action bar icons, so thank you! Your work is definitely appreciated.

      1. Hey Barend,

        Sure, vectors are always the best. For my icon pack, I aimed more for developers that doesn’t have access to image creation tool and want to use the icon directly in the app, thus the limited resolution.

        Taylor Ling

  3. @Taylor
    Do you have stock app icons for Jelly Bean? Like Google Music, Clock, Gallery, etc. I’ve been trying to look for .png/.jpg icon files for JB, but can’t find anywhere. Can you help?
    I ended up here from Google search while looking for app icons.

  4. Thanks for sharing this – I was after an undo icon and this is perfect. How would you like to be credited in apps that use these icons (as per CC BY 3.0)? Regards

    1. Hey Jan,

      If there is a need, I will update the custom icon pack with xxhdpi. I won’t update the stock though since it can be easily generated online now.

      Taylor Ling

  5. Can you please post new versions of the icons? More densities, and also svg and vectorDrawable versions of them?
    Google has added support for VectorDrawable using the support library…

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