Avoid This UX Mistake in Play Store App at All Costs

After a rant about the app screenshots in Play Store, another not-so-great UX in Play Store that I experienced for quite some time is a pretty frustrating one, and I thought this is something Android Designer/Developer should avoid at all costs.

Last Position or Top of the List?

Imagine this scenario: You are scrolling through a long list, and found something interesting in the middle of the list, so you click on that item to get more information. After that, you want to go back to the list and continue the search.

Question: When you go back to the list, do you expect to go back to the position in the list where you left off, or to the top of the list?

My answer: Definitely the position in the list where I left off.

Back to Top of the List Shouldn’t Be Automatic

But Play Store app developers don’t think so. In My Apps section, both INSTALLED and ALL tabs are having this UX mistake. Want to try yourself? Grab you device, go to Play Store > Overflow button > My Apps. Go to ALL tab, scroll down a little bit deeper, click on any app. Once you enter the details page of the app, click Back button or Up button. Now, see check the list. You are on top of your list. Frustrating, no? You can find the same UX mistake when you are searching for apps in Play Store app too.

I don’t recall any of the official Google apps giving me such frustration. I am not too sure if there is any specific reason from them to design/implement it in such a way, but I don’t see any value or advantage except causing user frustration and confusion.

Back to Top shouldn’t be automatically done until the user requested it, or at least the user should be aware of it. So, please, Android Designer/Developer, avoid this UX mistake at all costs.